How to Get the Smell Out of Shoes: Get Rid of Shoe Odors with OdoBan Odor Eliminator

Looking for the best shoe deodorizer spray? In this post, we’ll cover how to use OdoBan® Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator on your shoes to eliminate smelly shoe odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh. OdoBan® is a multipurpose cleaning product and odor eliminator that eliminates shoe odors at the source.

OdoBan® is available in a Ready-to-Use spray and an economical concentrated formula. When using OdoBan® concentrate to eliminate shoe odors, create a use-solution by mixing 22 ounces of OdoBan® concentrate per gallon of water.  

For a standard 32-ounce spray bottle, add 5.5 ounces of OdoBan® concentrate before filling the rest of the bottle with water. Learn more about mixing OdoBan® concentrate here

OdoBan® concentrate comes in a variety of fresh scents. Our most popular OdoBan® scent for eliminating strong odors is Original Eucalyptus. This unique fragrance is based on a diverse blend of wildflowers and botanicals that can be traced back through thousands of years of use against bad smells.

Why do my shoes smell? 

While wearing shoes, your feet are sealed in a moist, warm environment that is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria feed on dead skin cells and skin oils and excrete bad-smelling organic acids.  

Typically, the more your feet sweat, the more bacteria can grow and the stronger the resulting shoe odor. 

OdoBan® eliminates shoe odors at the source and is the best shoe deodorizer.  

Here’s how to get smells out of shoes with OdoBan®:

Step 1. Untie shoes (if applicable) and remove shoe inserts or shoe insoles. 

Step 2. Spray OdoBan® Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator liberally on all sides of the shoe inserts or shoe insoles. Set these aside to dry in an area with good airflow. 

Step 3. With shoe inserts removed, liberally spray OdoBan® inside your shoes. It may be helpful to hold each shoe in your hand to position the sprayer for maximum coverage of the shoe’s interior. Set these aside to dry in an area with good airflow. 

Step 4. For sneakers and athletic shoes, you can spray OdoBan® on the shoe’s exterior. We recommend testing a small, inconspicuous area for colorfastness before using OdoBan® on any fabric. We do not recommend using OdoBan® on leather. 

Step 5. Allow all shoe surfaces to completely dry before use. Once dry, your shoes should be smelling fresh and ready to wear! Repeat this process, as necessary, to remove strong shoe odors. 

To get rid of very strong shoe smells, we recommend washing your shoes in a washing machine using OdoBan® concentrate. Some shoes, including certain tennis shoes and athletic shoes, can be washed in a washing machine. Before washing, make sure your shoes are safe for use in a washing machine. 

Learn how to use OdoBan® for laundry. We recommend washing shoes in a mesh bag or pillowcase on a gentle cycle, before air drying. 

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Removing shoe odors is just one of the ways to use OdoBan. For more info on how to mix OdoBan®, please see our OdoBan® Use-Solution Preparation Chart on the product label or online at Multi-Purpose Concentrates – OdoBan® – Odor Eliminator – Air Freshener – Disinfectant – Sanitizer – Fabric and Laundry Freshener – All-in-One – The Original by Clean Control.

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