How to Clean Concrete Floors

Concrete floors and cement floors are popular indoor flooring options. Concrete flooring offers a sleek, modern aesthetic, while also being a durable material that is relatively low maintenance and easy to clean. Their stylish looks and easy care make concrete floors great for both high traffic commercial business flooring and home flooring. In this article, we’ll cover how to clean concrete floors. 

Looking for the best way to clean concrete floors? American-made since 1980, OdoBan Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator Concentrate is an effective, affordable indoor concrete cleaner for eliminating concrete odors and cleaning concrete floors, including cleaning concrete basement floors, and other indoor concrete floorings.   

OdoBan is a pH neutral cleaner, making it safe for indoor cement floor cleaning when used as directed. Vinegar, which is merely diluted acetic acid, and other high acidity cleaners should not be used when cleaning sealed, polished, or stained concrete floors. Alkaline cleaners, like chlorine bleach, ammonia, borax, and baking soda should also be avoided as sealed concrete floor cleaners.

For nonporous surfaces, OdoBan can even sanitize and disinfect concrete when used as directed to clean sealed concrete floors. Additionally, OdoBan is a mildewstat to help prevent mold and mildew growth on concrete flooring. 

How do you clean a concrete floor? Here’s the best way to clean interior concrete floors. 


1. Remove dirt, dust, and debris. Use a broom to sweep the concrete floor surface to clear loose debris. Follow up with a vacuum cleaning to remove any remaining fine dirt particles.  

2. Apply OdoBan Disinfectant Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Mix 4 ounces of OdoBan concentrate per gallon of water before using a clean mop to spread the cleaning solution over the concrete floor. 

3. Dry. Allow to air dry, or dry with a clean, dry cloth (like a microfiber cloth). 

4. Rinse, if necessary. If any tackiness remains after cleaning cement floors, follow up with a plain water rinse using a clean mop. 

Need to know how to sanitize or disinfect a concrete floor?

Indoor concrete floors are typically protected with a concrete floor sealer for increased durability and stain resistance. These sealed concrete floors and polished concrete floors are hard, nonporous flooring surfaces that can be sanitized and disinfected. While we’ve covered how to clean sealed concrete floors above, here’s how to disinfect a sealed concrete floor.

How to Disinfect Concrete Floors

To disinfect a sealed concrete floor, follow up the initial cleaning with an application of OdoBan disinfecting solution (mix 7 ounces of OdoBan concentrate per gallon of water). Using a clean mop, thoroughly wet the concrete floor surface with the disinfecting solution and allow the surfaces to remain wet for 10 minutes. After the 10-minute dwell time, allow to air dry or dry with a clean, washable soft cloth. Follow up with a plain water rinse to eliminate any remaining tackiness and enhance shine. 

Removing Odors from Concrete Floors

Getting smells out of concrete can be difficult, especially removing pet urine smells on concrete flooring. If you’re looking for the best urine remover for concrete floors, OdoBan is an excellent pet odor remover for both sealed and unsealed concrete flooring in your home. OdoBan is also trusted by restoration experts to remove odors in concrete basement floors after flooding. 

To get rid of smells on concrete floors, follow up the initial cleaning with an application of OdoBan odor remover solution (mix 8 ounces of OdoBan concentrate per gallon of water). Thoroughly wet the concrete surface, allowing the odor solution to reach all affected areas. After allowing time to air dry, use a clean, dry cloth to completely dry the surface. Follow up with a plain water rinse to eliminate any remaining tackiness. Repeat this process, as needed, until the odor is completely gone. 

For extremely strong smells on concrete, like those caused by sewage backup or for fire and flood restoration, a stronger OdoBan concrete deodorization solution can be used. For these situations, we recommend mixing up to 16 ounces of OdoBan concentrate per gallon of water. Follow up concrete treatments with a plain water rinse. 

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