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SHAKE WELL. Note: Do not let mist come in to contact with any plastic, vinyl, varnished or painted surfaces. Be sure to test surface first to prevent damage. Some hard surfaces may become damp when sprayed. Avoid slips or falls.

Air Freshener: Spray a light mist high in the air. Test for colorfastness and spotting on carpet, drapes, upholstery or fabrics. Wipe dry any overspray on floors.

In-Bowl Toilet Air Freshener: Before you go, use a 3-4 second spray in toilet bowl on top of water to trap odors.

WARNING: Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate container. Do not expose to heat or store at a temperature above 125°F. Flammable: Contains d-Limonene. Do not use near fire, flame or other ignition sources. Do not spray towards eyes or mouth. FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Steel can; please recycle when empty, if available. Contains no CFC’s or other ozone depleting substances.

For more information on ingredients visit the Clean Control Website.


1Does OdoBan® Real Citrus Air Freshener use flammable propellants?

No, OdoBan® Real Citrus Air Freshener uses Bag On Valve (BoV) technology. Bag On Valve technology uses only compressed air as a propellent, eliminating the need for propellant chemicals. Additionally, OdoBan® 360° Continuous Spray technology allows the product to be sprayed at any angle – even upside down!

2What ingredients are used in OdoBan® Real Citrus Air Freshener?

OdoBan® Real Citrus Air Freshener is made with d-limonene, ethanol, citrus terpenes, sorbitan laurate, and methylchloroisothiazolinone (preservative). A full list of ingredients used in all OdoBan® products is available here:

3What is OdoBan® 360° Pure Air Continuous Spray technology?

OdoBan® 360° Pure Air Continuous Spray technology uses compressed air and Bag on Valve (BoV) technology to safely spray OdoBan® without the use of flammable propellants. This unique technology allows you to easily spray at any angle- even upside down!

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22 reviews for Real Citrus® Air Fresheners

  1. Sharon Henderson

    Greatest thing ever invented! I absolutely love the smell of citrus and it works wonders in masking bathroom/toilet odors. I’m so glad I ran across this ‘wonderfulness’ in a can!!! Will definitely become a staple in my home!!

  2. Chris White

    I love the smell of oranges & I love spraying your orange air freshener!! Please do not lose this scented freshener.I haven’t seen your lemon freshener on store shelves,but I’ll be looking.I bet it smells really good.

  3. Joanna delatte

    I was blown away by the actual smell of citrus. This is the best air freshener I’ve ever used. I sprayed some in my room and 5 hours later still there. I love this stuff!!

  4. Patty Pyle

    Best air freshener sold! I run a cat sanctuary and have more than too many inside the house, Odoban Air helps to keep the inside air smelling fresh and clean, even with a litterbox in every room!

  5. Denise Mcgraw

    I love this orange spray. Smells fantastic.

  6. David

    Wow!!! Just Wow!!!! What can I say but Wow!! Just picked up a couple of cans at my local store because my normal air freshener wasn’t available. When I used it it blew me away, it neutralized all odors and left an energizing citrus aroma! Yep getting cases of this ASAP!

  7. Will

    This stuff works so well. My trash can had dog poop in it, just sprayed a few sprays and the smell was completely gone. Unlike Frebreze, Odoban actually eliminates the smell for good!

  8. Mat

    This is my favorite air freshener and it does and amazing job… until the nozzle starts to malfunction. This is the 3rd can that I’ve had where it starts shooting a stream about 8 feet instead of a mist. When this happens it no longer hides odors and just makes a mess on the other side of the room or the ceiling! My first can I was able to use about 80% of the product before it malfunctioned. The second can did it at 50% and my latest can did it almost immediately. I may try putting the product into a cheap pump-style spray bottle to see if I can get it to mist. I actually like it that much to go through the trouble!

  9. Paul Hoffman

    In a world of chemical-smelling sprays, this product is a literal breath of fresh air. It does what it promises in our bathrooms and work rooms. Highly recommend them all.

    One quip I have is that the nozzles stop spraying a mist after the can empties about 1/2 way. After that, they start to spray a thin stream instead of a mist. It has happened in every can I’ve purchased.

    I hope the company can address this issue at some point. It would would make a nearly perfect product 100%.

  10. Rob Horning

    These products are great!

  11. Diannajh

    double duty

    First, I used this to get some decals off my car windows, worked very well and without a ton of scrubbing, I just wet them, let them sit, wet them again, then peeled an edge up, wet it at the edge and bingo, up it pulled. I had to be careful not to rip them, but this worked well.

    Second, I used it as a odor reducer, you have to be careful not to spray too close to the floor because I did notice it got slick. I sprayed it under my car seats and it smelled wonderful and I sprayed it high in the room, and it smells so much like actual lemons, which I love. Just be cautious around some fabrics because this is a lemony and oily substance.

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, Good Size & Weight, smells amazing!!!

    Cons: slick if used too closely to the floor

  12. LauraD

    Perfect for hiding smoke smell

    I am a smoker and cant stand the smell it leaves behind. This works great for a quick freshen up & even better if you follow up with a cheap cinnamon. GREAT bargain!!

    Pros: Easy to Use

  13. bamagirl1

    I love how this product reminds me of fresh oranges.

    I purchased this product at Home Depot on Wells Road in Orange Park, Fl. I would recommend it to anybody. The freshness it has added to my home is great. It only takes a little spray to completely get rid of odors. My husband had to take back a pack of shingles that we did not need. I ask him to please get me another twin pack of the Citrus Orange Air Freshener to keep on hand. Love this product. Such a great price for such a great product. Thank you

  14. mamaC

    fabulous product

    I work in a nursing home and we have used the original scent disinfectant and deoderizer, when I saw this orange scented air product just had to give it a try. WOW! Best air freshener ever. One small spritz can clear an entire corridor of the most foul odors.

  15. dd112

    Awesome stuff – instant removal of odor

    A little puff removes even the worst odors. This stuff is the greatest!

    Pros: smells like an orange no fake scent

  16. AriB

    Great purchase.

    Good quality and great service. I will order this product again.

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality

  17. Tuco

    Love this stuff

    Covers all odors…but best of all removes gooey messes like stickers and adhesives…simply love it!

  18. idigarts

    Mosquito Problem??? This Product Is Excellent!

    We live beside a park with a huge mosquito problem… This is The Best Product I’ve ever used for chasing away mosquitos!!!

  19. Whitney

    Great scent for odors and easy to use remover

    The real citrus spray works like a charm – clean grime and gunk off walls etc. and have it smell good while you do it – Or, perfect bathroom air freshener as well.

    Pros: Easy to Use, Looks Great, Good Size & Weight

  20. Lewy

    Orange Scent – Does everything it says!

    Just one tiny little spritz from this can will freshen a bathroom for HOURS. It not only eliminates odors but has huge staying power. As for the grease and adhesive remover, it does exactly what it say it does. I work in a warehouse and use my knife frequently, meaning it eventually gets gummed up with packing tape residue. My knife was heavily gummed up, so I had to spray it twice, but all adhesive came off easily! The only issue I saw was that there appears to be some residue left on my matte black knife blade after wiping off the spray.

    Pros: Easy to Use, eliminates all odors, freshens for hours

  21. RichieRich03

    Works very good with stubborn grease.

    This product works very good at cleaning my range hood grease and the extremely greasy range hood filters. I did have to spray the filters three times but they came about 90% clean. The range hood came clean and smells good too but I had to clean it twice. After cleaning I sprayed some into the air and it is a very pleasant fragrance. Products not only look clean but smell fresh and clean too. Overall very good cleaner and scent.

    Pros: Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, nice scent

    Cons: needs more than one application

  22. Lewy

    Lemon Scent – Best air freshener around

    This product is perfect for destroying odors. I keep the orange scent for home and the lemon scent for work. I work in a warehouse where the bathroom can become quite ripe. Just one small squirt will freshen a bathroom for HOURS. The grease and adhesive remover is excellent. You may have to repeat the process based upon how dirty your item is, but I’ve never had to repeat more than once.

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, long lasting