OdoBan® Purple Degreaser

OdoBan® Heavy-Duty Purple Degreaser is a concentrated, versatile cleaner and degreaser for your auto, boat, shop and home. Dilute 1:4 parts for tough cleaning jobs and up to 1:15 parts for light applications. Use full strength on laundry stains. Our heavy-duty, fast-acting, alkaline shop formula combines a balanced blend of surfactants, solvents, builders and corrosion inhibitors to safely and quickly dissolve heavy oil residue and hydrocarbon build-up such as grease, motor oil, tar, fats, soap scum, crayon, markers and paint, as well as stubborn soils such as fuel, brake dust, soot and road film.

  • Effective engine degreaser, dissolves heavy oil residue and hydrocarbon build-up
  • Heavy-duty degreaser, perfect for shop grease, heavy machinery, engine parts and tools
  • Concentrated formula, 1 gallon makes up to 16 gallons of solution
  • Safe for aluminum, metal, concrete, cement, asphalt, fiberglass, tile, stone and plastic
  • Made in USA