Prior to first use, soak the cloth in water and then wring out as much of the water as possible so the cloth is slightly damp. A slightly damp or dry cloth will perform much better than if the cloth is very wet. *Use a clean cloth or wash out when visibly dirty.

Use on: glass, mirrors, computers, tablets, TVs, eye glasses, hard surfaces, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, china, silver, copper, stainless steel, cars, boats, motorcycles.

Washing Instructions: Using hot water, machine wash with laundry detergent OR hand wash with dish soap OR place in dishwasher and hang over racks. Air dry or put in dryer on low heat. (Do not use fabric softener as it leaves a film on the cloth decreasing its effectiveness and bleach will shorten the life.) Wash as soon as possible after use and rinse thoroughly. For machine washing, place cloth with other lint free items for continued lint-free performance.


1Can OdoBan® MicroSham Cloths be reused?

Yes, OdoBan® MicroSham Cloths are ultra-high quality microfiber cleaning cloths that can be washed and reused up to 100 times, and will get softer upon each wash.

2What makes OdoBan® MicroSham Cloths better than other microfiber cloths?

OdoBan® MicroSham Cloths are high quality, reusable microfiber cloths made with durable micro-spun fibers, over 200 times finer than traditional microfiber cloths. Our MicroSham Cloths trap up to 7 times its weight in liquid, grime, and dirt!

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13 reviews for MicroSham Cloths

  1. Richie

    SmileBest cleaning cloth I’ve ever used!! Discovered it 2 weeks ago while looking for a better dish cloth. All other cloths are too big and bulky. They get stained, smell, leave residues, and require frequent washing. We use the MicroSham for dishes and kitchen cleanup. It rinses out clean, dries fast, doesn’t hold food or stain, it wipes things to almost dry, doesn’t streak or spot. IT’S GREAT!!!!!

  2. Lynn

    These cloths are the best for wiping stainless steel (fridge, stove etc), glass table tops, mirrors etc. Note that I do not use these as cleaning up cloths but use for the final wipe down after cleaning.
    I have been looking for a replacement for expensive H2O cloths that I purchase in Ottawa, Canada and I have found the replacement at a 1/3 of the cost! I am so happy.

  3. Diane

    Microsham cloth

    I got these MicroSham cloths for my husband to use on his car. He tried them for the first time and was very happy with them. Other products he tried would leave lint or just would not do a good job of cleaning. These cloths cleaned much better and because they are washable he can reuse them unlike other products he tried. I mentioned these to my son and he bought them too.

    Pros: Durable, Easy to Use, High Quality

  4. cleaningmyway

    A Must Have!!!!

    It really does work. Best cloth ever made. Try it for yourself.

  5. Brownie

    Loved the cloths.

    I used these clothes to clean my car with on the inside. I have to admit they done a better job then I expected. I have heard people talk about them on how good they are and I am really impress with them on how good they are. They really help get the dust of the dash and out of the crevices that are in the car. I know one thing I will get more of these Micro sham cloth.

    Pros: Durable, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight

  6. Nen

    These MicroSham Cloths are awesome.

    I tried these cloths because they’re like a chamois I used to dry my car with. They get softer with every wash and are pretty much indestructible. These cloths reduce Bacteria 99%, are lint free and do not streak. I use them to clean and polish my home without chemicals. I use them in my bathroom and kitchen and they’re great for cleaning glass and mirrors too!

    Pros: Durable, Good Size & Weight, High Quality, Sturdy

  7. BrooklynDiva55

    I am impressed

    I like this Microsham Cloth (3-Pack). It looks good, feels good, and most importantly works good. I’m using one in the kitchen and now that I think about it, I haven’t even wrung it out yet. And it hasn’t dripped either. I use it to wipe off the sink counter top after it gets wet. Also use to wipe off the other counter top and so far so good. And yes – I do recommend it.

    Pros: Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight, High Quality, Looks Great, Sturdy, Stylish, light – yet strong, nice bright yellow, not easy to tear at all, a keeper for sure!

  8. Oldtechy

    microsham towels have a feel and touch similar to genuine chamois. Cleans and Polishes.

    these microsham towels have a feel and touch similar to genuine chamois.
    When drying your vehicle, they can keep streaks off your finish.

    The packaging itemizes many uses and features.

    Cleans and Polishes.

    Instructions say to soak them 1st then wring-out thoroughly before each use.

    Instructions also suggest :
    – wash after each use
    – rinse thoroughly
    – don’t use fabric softener
    – for lint-free performance, Only wash with other lint-free items,

    Claims on package would be difficult to prove:
    – reduces bacteria 99%
    – washable 100x
    – gets softer w/each Wash
    – cleans better w/each Wash
    – Great drying cloth
    – won’t streak, scratch, leave lint
    – fibers 200x finer than traditional microfiber
    – won’t rip, shrink, snag, fray

    These cloths were not what I expected.

    They are quite thin, stiff and not too absorbent.

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, Sturdy

  9. Geniebeanie

    Surprisingly Great!

    I sincerely had my doubts about these MicroSham cloths. They look really skimpy. But looks ARE deceiving. These very thin looking clothes are a real workhorse! The instructions recommend wetting and wringing out as much water as possible. I did this and began scrubbing my very dirty TREX deck. I didn’t want to use a detergent because it might hurt my plants. I didn’t need it, the MicroSham just grabbed the dirt and hung on to it until I rinsed it clean. I scrubbed and rinsed pretty often and it came clean each time. What really impressed me was after cleaning the deck and all the vinyl posts, I used it to clean the storm door that had gotten wet with over spray. It cleaned with absolutely no streaking! I have washed the cloth in the machine, but did not dry it. Like other microfiber cloths, they don’t like dryer sheets with fabric softener. I don’t know about its reduced bacteria claims, but I confirm that it cleans dirt, grime, fingerprints, and didn’t streak, scratch, or leave any lint behind. I hardly recommend these MicroSham cloths.

    Pros: Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight, High Quality, Nice Design, Sturdy

  10. KN07

    When I first opened this cloth out of the package, I was hesitant to try it out because it seemed…

    When I first opened this cloth out of the package, I was hesitant to try it out because it seemed stiff and a big rigid. I was worried it would scratch. This was not at all the case. I used it to clean my eyeglasses and it took little to no effort! My previous micro-fiber cloth (made specifically for eye glasses) always had trouble getting fingerprints and oils off. This cloth has no problem at all! After washing the cloth, it softened up considerably and still works just as well. Because the cloth is so big, I cut it up into small and medium-sized pieces to use it in different areas and keep a small piece in my wallet. It doesn’t fray and cut easily with sharp scissors.

    Great product, and at $5 for a 3 pack, it’s a deal! I will absolutely be stocking up on these now that I just got granite countertops and stainless steel appliances!

    Pros: Durable, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight, customizable

  11. Jason

    These little microshams are great. We use them for anything we want to dust or clean.

    These little microshams are great. We use them for anything we want to dust or clean. I usually use them a lot to wipe the dash in the car after washing it to get all the dust and lint off the dash. These don’t leave any lint behind them like my other white cotton towels do. We also use them to dust off the T.V. stand and other items around the house. These are a great size and can easily be cleaned by throwing them in the washer when they get to dirty. If you are looking for a great little cleaning cloth these are perfect. These little microshams are 13″ x 13″ and are not the thick deep microshams I’m used to. These are a newer generation which has a very short nap but they pick up just as much stuff. They say they will pick up up to 7x its weight in liquid, grime and dirt (but I haven’t used them on anything that messy yet).

    The packaging says they are washable 100x (gets softer after each wash) and that no chemicals are needed, use damp for cleaning or dry for polishing & drying, cleans dirty, grime, grease, fingerprints, etc… Won’t streak, scratch or leave lint behind. Cut to any size won’t rip, shrivel, snag or fray.

    I’m sure between my wife and I we will thouroughly test them out. It seems like we are constantly cleaning our home up after the kids come through.

    Pros: Durable, Good Size & Weight, High Quality, Looks Great

  12. Cinester71

    This is one of the most versatile cleaning, drying, or utility shams you can have in your household

    This is one of the most versatile cleaning, drying, or utility shams you can have in your household. They work great while washing and cleaning your bathroom as well as the car. The sham has a little bit of texture, so it works great removing soap scum from the bathroom glass doors or cleaning and wiping the windows on the car. When it gets dirty, it is very easy to get the cloth cleaned after it gets dirty. It’s just a great product that is eventually going to be replacing cleaning cloths or towels in our household!

    Pros: Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight, High Quality, Nice Design

  13. Windyhome

    OdoBan MicroSham Cloths from Clean Control Corporation. Place of manufacture not stated.

    I tested this product on my car, an exterior window, a mirror and a quartz counter top.

    I used it to dry my car after washing. It did a good job of removing water spots and streaks from well cleaned surfaces. It left streaks from places I hadn’t cleaned so well. I would like to have had a larger version of this product for this job.

    I used it to dry off an exterior window after washing with soap and water. It did a decent job at wiping off the rinse water but a squeegy would have been easier. It did not rub out hard set water spots.

    I used it to dry off a mirror after cleaning with window cleaner and a paper towel. It doesn’t leave lint the way a paper towel can but didn’t make the overall job any easier..

    I used it to dry off a quartz counter top that had been washed and rinsed. It did the job but a terrycloth towel would do just as well.

    These tests were performed with new cloths. The label states that they get softer with each wash so I expect performance to improve with continued use.

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, Sturdy, lint free