For first time use, test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before use. Certain stains may cause permanent discoloration and may be impossible to remove. Results may vary with carpets previously cleaned with surfactant-based carpet cleaners.

Where to Use

May be used with all types of liquid-extraction carpet cleaning equipment. May also be diluted for use as a traffic lane prespray, bonnet cleaner and/or spot remover on watersafe carpet & upholstery.

How to Apply

Prior to cleaning, vacuum carpet thoroughly. Gently remove surface soils. Extract wet soils or blot up with a clean absorbent colorfast cloth. Try to keep as much of the soil as possible from penetrating into the carpet. Do not rub, as rubbing may alter the carpet texture.

Follow steps 1-3 for extraction cleaning.

Note: Mix fresh dilutions daily.

STEP 1. Traffic Lane Pretreatment for Sprayer or Bonnet Cleaning Applications: Dilute 8 oz. per gallon of water (1:16) to pretreat heavy traffic areas. Apply using an industrial sprayer or bonnet cleaning machine following manufacturer's instructions. Wait 5 minutes until soil loosens. Continue with Steps 2 and 3.

STEP 2. Spot Remover (as needed): Dilute 4 oz. per gallon of water (1:32) in spray bottle. Adjust spray nozzle to spray position. Spray directly onto soiled area. Wait 5 minutes until soil loosens. Blot with a clean colorfast towel or continue with extraction cleaning. Continue with Step 3.

STEP 3. Extraction Cleaner: Recommended dilution is 2 oz. per gallon of water (1:64). Follow manufacturer's directions for specific machine used.

Click here for comprehensive directions for each application on all of our OdoBan® products.

Safer choice seals

Protected by U.S. Patent No. 8,375,494


1What does the 3-in-1 mean in OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner?

3-in-1 refers to three different cleaning methods available in one product. OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner can be mixed in a solution of 8 ounces per gallon of water (or a 1:16 ratio) for a Traffic Lane Prespray. Wait 5 minutes before extraction cleaning. The same cleaner can be mixed in a solution of 2 ounces per gallon of water for use in Carpet Extraction Cleaning Machines. The 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner can also be mixed in a dilution of 8 ounces per gallon of water for use in Bonnet Cleaning, following directions for the specific machine used. Bonnet Cleaning is usually reserved for high traffic, very dirty areas. The Bonnet Cleaning method should be followed with carpet cleaning by the extraction method.

2Can OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner be used in rental carpet cleaning machines?

OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner can be used in any carpet extraction cleaning machine. However, do NOT use hot water in the machine. OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner delivers the best performance when used with cold water. Also, be sure to check the machine manufacturer instructions to ensure that use of a particular product does not void the machine’s warranty. Some manufacturer’s allow use of only particular products to honor warranties and product guarantees.

3How long does OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner take to dry?

OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner is a fast-drying formula. However, we don’t have an estimated drying time due to all machines being different in how well they extract excess moisture.

4Does OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner work on carpet inside cars and trucks?

Yes, OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner can be used for carpet in homes and cars. It can also be used in carpet extraction cleaning machines for upholstery.

5Does OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner work on tough animal odors and stains?

OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner is designed to clean normal day-to-day dirt, and does so very well. Cleaning of the soil is the first step in deodorization, but this product may or may not completely remove urine odor and stains, depending on the severity of the situation, the chemistry of the urine, and the particular substrate in question. For best results on pet stains, we recommended our OdoBan® Pet Oxy Stain Remover. This can be used by itself with a spray-and-blot method for spot treatments, or following use of 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner. These 2 items are designed to work synergistically, so there is no need for concern of mixing chemicals on your carpet.

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Where to Buy

OdoBan® 3-n-1 Carpet Cleaner - 1 Gallon
Available Nationwide at Home Depot and at


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46 reviews for 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner

  1. Shara Nguyen

    After renting a house that had carpet with a very heavy dog odor I used the 3 in 1 Carpet cleaner in one of those large rental carpet cleaning machines and it worked great. The landlord had already cleaned the carpets with another brand of cleaning solution which was a failure. She was shocked at how much better the rooms smelled after I used the OdoBan. The smell was so bad that I had to sleep in the living room until I cleaned the carpets. She said that she’d be buying OdoBan to use in her personal house. I’ve used OdoBan for over 20 years but this was the first time I’ve used the carpet cleaner for machines and it was amazing. It worked without needing a perfumy cover up scent. I hate carpet but if you are stuck with carpet then use this stuff. You won’t be sorry!!!

  2. James W Weaver

    I use the deodorizer but would like to know if the carpet cleaner requires rinsing as I use the bonnet system

  3. Kimberly Steffey

    It seems to be working great! Does anyone else use it second to make sure the smell is gone?

  4. Tina

    Most, if not all, consumer level carpet cleaners are NOT steam cleaners. They are extraction cleaners that use very warm water and sometimes hot air. Rarely, they have a heating element that keeps the water warm or hot, but does NOT produce large amounts of steam.

    The term “steam cleaner” is often used but is misleading. It is slapped onto the box to give consumers the idea that their carpets are being sanitized with something better than just warm soap and water.

    Off the top of my head I am unaware of any actual steam carpet cleaners that are available at a consumer level. So everyone thinking that you cannot use this in your Hoover/Bissell/etc that you bought at Home Depot/Amazon/WalMart, you should have no issues. Your machines are not steam machines. (If you have a Shark, it might be an exception..I haven’t used one.)

  5. Kristen Butler

    I had great luck with the 3 in 1 carpet cleaner. Couldn’t be happier, however.. After reading this review I looked at the jug of cleaner. It clearly states in a red circle with white lettering, SAFE for use in all Deep Cleaning Machines. I love your products and will have to think about buying again as I am disappointed that it isn’t stated on the label. I used my new Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet STEAM machine.

  6. Molly Rosen

    Kelly, what you and a lot of people don’t know is that steam/heat will MAGNIFY urine odors. It’s best removed with cooler water. Not all carpet cleaners are steam cleaners. Mine isn’t. Mine is a regular carpet cleaner, no steam. A steam cleaner performs a different task.

  7. Panda

    If you in fact used the Odoban 3-in-1 carpet cleaner solution, the directions on the jug says to add 2 oz. per gallon of water when using it in a carpet extractor machine. The 8 oz. per gallon of water instructions is meant to be used as a pretreatment in a spray bottle(after mixing the 8 oz in a gallon of water then putting some of that mixture in a spray bottle). Then spraying some of it over high traffic areas on the rug—not entire bottle of it but just enough as if you were using it as you would a stain remover on a spot such as spilled coffee, for example. I think you just misunderstood the directions when using solution in a carpet cleaning machine/extractor vs. the directions when mixing and using it for pretreatment. Hope this helps.

  8. Panda

    If you in fact used the Odoban 3-in-1 carpet cleaner solution, the directions on the jug says to add 2 oz. per gallon of water when using it in a carpet extractor machine. The 8 oz. per gallon of water instructions is meant to be used as a pretreatment in a spray bottle(after mixing the 8 oz in a gallon of water then putting some of that mixture in a spray bottle). Then spraying some of it over high traffic areas on the rug—not entire bottle of it but just enough as if you were using it as you would a stain remover on a spot such as spilled coffee, for example. I think you just misunderstood the directions when using solution in a carpet cleaning machine/extractor vs. the directions when mixing and using it for pretreatment. Hope this helps.

  9. Steve

    We moved into a new home last year that had terribly dirty carpet that had to be steamed. It barely did anything and it cost $300.00. I was told this was very expensive carpet and was determined to get it clean since there is no point replacing it with 3 dogs. Picked up some Odoban and used it in my Hoover Turbo Scrub and i am not kidding, the carpet looked brand new! It is amazing and will only buy this product from now on!

  10. Thom Keener

    We’re dead tired and mad from a flood. NOWHERE on the label does it say Not Recommended For Steam Cleaners. WHY? It’s made for the specific use of carpet cleaner. We feel cheated out of our money now that I read that it is specifically not recommended for steam cleaners from the manufacturer in a review from an unhappy responder. I want my money back!!! OdoBan has the responsibility of being honest, because of this I feel that they are not reputable.

  11. Shanell Hardin

    I moved into a house that the carpet smelled like a barn i knew animals had been there i seen pee spots. I used this on the carpet and it came real clean looked new actually. I took before and after what a difference smell is still there a little but it got those nasty stains out for sure couldn’t believe it. Stuff works great. Ill buy odoban products from now on. They have a line of different products for a wide range of stuff all the way to laundry use. Im geeked…..TongueGrin

  12. Kelly

    I purchased this based on all the positive reviews and couldn’t be more disappointed. My dog has incontinence. Even when I steam clean with this immediately after she has an accident, the smell remains and the carpet is damp for days! Generic cleaners have actually worked better than this. I feel like I threw my money away and wasted time trying to get it to actually work.

  13. JimmyBB

    Didn’t work

    When mixed to directions doesn’t clean well. If used with less water it works ok, but not as well as others.

  14. Craig

    Works well

    Great advantage of low suds on a machine. Good quality product.

    Pros: Easy to Use

  15. crag444

    Carpet extraction

    This product dries fast and smells good. It does not make suds so not extra products are necessary. I use this product with a sniper 10 gallon extractor.

    Pros: Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Great Scent, Fast Results, Effective

  16. rrrr

    Does the Job

    Smells great cleans well I will use again rrrrrrrrr

    Pros: Great Scent, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Effective

  17. millerjr934

    Great smell

    Great smelling cleaner removes pet and smoke good have used better cleaner but none smell this good

  18. Disappointed

    Great Product and works well on stuborn stains with a great smell afterwards.

    Great Store with very Helpful Personnel that know their products and in most cases how well they work too.

    Pros: Great Scent, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, High Quality, Fast Results, Long-Lasting, Effective

  19. elwash

    Works great!!

    I really like this brand of cleaner, I use it a lot around the house, and this carpet cleaner didn’t let me down.

    Pros: Great Scent, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Fast Results, Long-Lasting, Effective

  20. CleanMachine

    Best upholstery cleaner ever!

    Just pour in a spray bottle and use full strength as a pre-treatment. Walk away for a few minutes, but make a mental note of the location of the spot because it will be gone upon return. Though very tempting, Don’t leave it that way. With a small bucket of clean water nearby to keep cloth clean, soak and completely wring a terry cloth before wiping area and soaking up excess moisture. Just try it. You’ll understand my rave review. *note: Use a Terry Cloth. It’s very absorbent and requires a lot less work.

    Pros: Easy to Remove, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Fast Results, Effective

  21. copperclover

    Great cleaner!

    2 kids and 2 dogs makes clean carpet difficult. This worked so far better than my expectations that it’s all I’ll use from here. It even got up some spots that I had previously tried to get out with other products. Good stuff.

  22. SGF59

    Been using other products from this company for years

    I have used their general cleaner in my steam carpet cleaner to good result, but to have a product formulated specifically for use in a carpet cleaners makes something good even better. Very cost effective and does a great cleaning and deodorizing job.

    Pros: Great Scent, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, High Quality, Fast Results, Packaging, Effective

  23. DEWMAN

    Great Product

    This was a great product with a great price point as well.

    Pros: Cost Effective

  24. Bill

    this product worked great, had nice light smell

    used this carpet shampoo in extractor machine it had low foam, and a nice smell.

    Pros: Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, High Quality

  25. kdawg81

    too foamy!

    Way too foamy! I used one cup of cleaner per gallon of water, as the directions state. I’ve used many different types of carpet cleaners and have foam problems with some of them, but never even close to this. I had to dump the reservoir about every 30 seconds (no lie!) because it would get full of foam, triggering the alert that it is full and needs to be dumped. So by the time I used up the gallon of water/soap mixture, I’d already dumped the dirty water container about 8 times (I lost count after a while). I gave it two stars because it did help (tho not eliminate) with removing some old rabbit urine stains.

    Pros: Fast Results

    Cons: foams

  26. mb1021

    Good carpet cleaning product

    I used this in my new carpet cleaner and it did a very good job. I did not pretreat the carpet with it, so this might have been a 5 star product had I done so.

    Pros: Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Fast Results, Effective

  27. DDDiny

    Did the job

    Used in the concentrated form to remove cat urine stains on carpeting. Several other products did not work–stains would come back. Easy to use–applied with spray bottle and used old towels to sop up the stains. Used my body weight to step on the towels.

    Pros: Easy to Remove, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Fast Results, Long-Lasting, Effective

  28. Kathy

    Great product will buy again!

    Works great, it removed set in stains and left a clean fresh sent.

    Pros: Great Scent, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Fast Results

  29. Candy

    AVERAGE – save your money

    This works no different from any other carpet cleaner I do not feel it deodorizes , I see no difference it just cleaned the stains a bit but they are not gone and my cleaner is new so its the product not the machine .

    Pros: Easy to Use

    Cons: ineffective

  30. smrsking

    Excellent product

    I love this product! I just cleaned my carpet and it got rid of some really tough stains.

  31. Capecodder

    Awesome Carpet Cleaning Solution

    I used this carpet cleaning solution right away on my dirty carpets in the livingroom and diningroom. It removed all the dirt marks my dogs left from going in and out of the house. It also removed dirt that I couldn’t see that was in the carpets and now the carpets look brand new like they were just installed. My carpets are 6 years old and they look awesome. I would definetly recommend this cleaner.

    Pros: Great Scent, Immediate Results, Easy to Use, Fast Results, Effective

    Cons: none


  32. H82quit

    Cleaning product

    This is a quality product that I will buy again when needed.

  33. cmh33

    Helps with odors

    I have two dogs and a cat and I have been using this mainly as a spot cleaner. It can be used as that as well as a pretreater and in a carpet cleaning machine. All three have different formulations for mixing it but the instructions are great. It does a wonderful job of cleaning up after my animals and really helps with the odor. I can’t wait to see how great it will work when I use it in my carpet cleaner if it does this well just spot treating.

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, Fast Results, Long-Lasting, Effective

  34. Mrsbowe

    OdoBan is the best!

    I was thrilled to see that Odoban has a carpet cleaner. Meant for use in extraction machines, I hesitated just a bit because this isn’t a “Manufacturers” approved cleaning agent. However, I knew this product wouldn’t harm my carpet cleaner.

    This does a marvelous job cleaning, neutralizing odors – all in one step! It even dries in just a couple of hours, not all day with fans blowing. We have a very old Oriental Carpet in the living room and it looks as close to new as a 100 year old carpet can. It’s colors are bright, fibers are soft and I don’t see any little dogs “sniffing” for a soiled area. It’s CLEAN!

    I did not notice any scent at all from the bottle to the floor. The only thing I can smell is fresh air in my living room. I highly recommend Odoban carpet cleaner.

    Pros: Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, High Quality, Fast Results, Long-Lasting, Effective

  35. CGoodloe

    really good product.

    We have dogs that nstuck at home all day so accidents happehappen. this removed the smell out of our carpet.

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, Good Size & Weight

  36. Buck39

    Good stuff!

    We used this on some really old carpet, we have three dogs in the house, it took all the spots out and left no odor.

    Pros: Easy to Use

  37. bellie

    cleans carpet well

    would buy it again. great product to clean a carpet with3 dogs. if it only worked on the dogs also

    Pros: Easy to Use

  38. SHAR

    Great Product

    I was able to get out tough stains without a pre-treatment and it also works well on those spot touch ups.

    Pros: Easy to Use

  39. smchange01

    3 Ways to Clean Carpet

    I particularly like the idea of using one product to spot clean, shampoo, and deep clean. I first tried it on a stubborn coffee (?) stain that had been on the carpet since I moved in over 3 years ago. It didn’t remove it completely, but it is now barely noticeable. Next, used a steam extraction unit and cleaned the master bedroom carpet – great job! Finally, I pre-sprayed and then used the same unit to clean the high traffic areas in the hall and entry – again the cleaner worked wonderfully.

    I now plan to take what’s left of the cleaner and my steam extraction unit and clean some of the carpeting in my rental property before I consider buying new carpeting. This could save me hundreds of dollars!

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality

  40. BigFrank

    Effective Cleaner

    My dog is getting on in years and he is having accidents. The carpet was stained and stinky. The OdoBan 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner did the job. It worked well in my Bissell Proheat 2x Carpet Cleaner. The cleaning solution was not too sudsy and it effectively removed the pet stains and odors from the carpet. I will be getting another when this jug is empty.

    Pros: Easy to Use

  41. Shortgort

    Excelent product

    I am extremely happy with the results of using this product, my carpets sparkle again.The high traffic areas look like new again,leaving the house smelling clean…….I found that it also dries very quickly,allowing everything to be put back in the same day.If you have pets it works well in eliminating those odors Any spills seem to be gone when following manufactors directions.

    Pros: Easy to Use

  42. ASower

    Easy to use carpet cleaner

    This is product that works well concentrated for smaller areas and diluted for large carpets. We have used it in a spray bottle to spot small areas with good results when used on new stains. We also tried it on some set in stains with mixed results. The set in stains had to be treated several times to achieve acceptable results. This product works best when treating an area immediately after a spill, blotting up the spill and then cleaning the carpet.

    Pros: Easy to Use

  43. Whitney

    Carpet cleaner works great in cleaning vacuums as well as spot cleaner

    This carpet cleaner gets the job done so fast! Either used in vacuum w/ carpet cleaning attachments or spray on spot cleaner, it doesn’t have to sit/soak too long before scrubbing and seeing results – excellent!

    Pros: Easy to Use, High Quality, Fast Results, Effective

  44. Mikkel1955

    Does a great job.

    I thought I was getting my carpet clean with the name brand product I was using. But I was wrong. This cleaner got the carpet much cleaner. You would not believe the difference. We have several “4 footed children” that are good at tracking in all kinds of things. Because of this, we end up using the carpet cleaner at least every other month. Sometimes every month in the summer. With the results from using this cleaner, I plan on using it from now on.

    As an added benefit, you can mix this cleaner with water for use as a pre-treater or as a spot remover. That means only one product to buy instead of three.

    Pros: cleans well

  45. JohnS

    Very Adaptable.

    This product is very adaptable. You can use it in a carpet cleaning machine (extractor); use it as a spot cleaner; and use it as a pre-treatment for high-traffic areas.

    For each one of these uses, you will need to mix the formula slightly different. The instructions are very clear and well-written. Just follow the directions on the bottle.

    I had a large carpet stain in my dining room. It was caused by a recent accident where I dropped something on my leg which caused a large cut (8 stitches) and I bled on the carpet. I started by mixing a bottle of solution as a pre-treatment. At first, I sprayed the pre-treatment on the stain. This helped loosen-up the stain.

    Then I broke out the “Rug-Doctor”, mixed up a solution for the extraction machine, and cleaned the stain with the carpet cleaner. It was able to remove the spill and most of the stain. Most importantly, it was able to sanitize the area, leave it clean, and remove the smell.

    I then tried it as a spot cleaner in the bathroom. Once again, I had to mix a solution according to the directions. In this case, I mixed a big batch (gallon) of the solution, poured it on the stains till soaked, let it sit for 3 minutes, then used the extractor to remove the liquid. It was able to remove the odors and leave the carpet much cleaner.

    Be sure to measure carefully, because at one point, I used too much solution in the carpet extraction machine and it soaped up the carpet and foamed up the machine too much. So pay attention to the correct dilutions in the instructions. If that happens, just rinse the machine, and rinse the carpet with water.

    Overall, a good value. The gallon goes a long way. It’s nice that you don’t have to have three types of carpet cleaners. This one does it all.

    Pros: Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Effective

  46. PopKim

    Fantastic Carpet Cleaner

    I’ve used Bissell carpet cleaner, but the 3-IN-1 Carpet Cleaner is superior. I have 20+ year old carpets, which is MUCH harder to clean. Other products only faded old stains. I followed the instructions and pre-spotted. It worked after several passes. What I did was clean the entire carpet, then went over the first area again, which was like a 2nd pre-spotting (a few old stains needed several more passes). The stains were gone, which is miraculous. The old carpet hasn’t been this clean since it was a lot newer. It costs more, but it’s a very good value since it works so well. Plus, it does a much better job than expensive professionals. The one-gallon container will last a lot longer. Plus, you won’t run out when you need it most, such as for accidents or dogs.

    Pros: Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, High Quality, Looks Great, Good Size & Weight, gets toughest stains out