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Welcome to the OdoShow

Cleaning nerds, unite! The OdoShow is real cleaning talk and tips. It’s fun, helpful, and a little silly. Busting cleaning myths and misconceptions, while offering tips and ideas, witty banter, OdoBan news, and more! Hosted by real OdoBan team members Val and Dave. Presented by OdoBan, the original odor eliminator since 1980.

and your Hosts...

Meet Dave

David Sexton has worked at OdoBan as Technical Director of Research and Development for over seven years. Dave loves to “nerd out” on cleaning science, and holds a degree in Polymer and Textile Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dave has been married to his high school sweetheart, Carrie, for over 20 years. When he’s not co-hosting the OdoShow or spinning test tubes in the lab, Dave enjoys cycling, boating and the great outdoors.

Some say he once cooked a 3-minute egg in 2 minutes, and that his favorite smell is the color blue. He claims he’s never been beaten at Trivial Pursuit.
(Sure, Dave!)

Meet Val

Val Swyryn works as a Graphic Designer at OdoBan. An animal lover, she’d rather carry a spider outside than squash it. Her menagerie includes 12 chickens, 2 cats, a tortoise and hermit crab. Val and her husband of 24 years, Vic, have two marvelous daughters who share their weird sense of humor. When she’s not doling out cleaning facts on the OdoShow, Val enjoys cooking, gardening and working on creative DIY projects.

Val loves the smell of skunks.
(Yes, it’s bizarre. But we love her anyway!)