Fresh Living

Fresh Living

After Cleaning, Add the Final Touch of Freshness with OdoBan®

It’s satisfying to successfully clean a messy house. But sometimes, stale, musty, or other unwanted odors can hang around, even after cleaning. Fortunately, you can use OdoBan® as the finishing touch to your cleaning efforts. Try using OdoBan®:

OdoBan Fresh Linen Continuous Spray
1. In the bedroom. Fresh sheets on the bed? This is the perfect time to spray the bedding, carpets, and closet with OdoBan® for a lasting, fantastically fresh scent.
OdoBan Lavender Spray
2. In the bathroom. OdoBan® is the ideal spray for eliminating odors and freshening the air with a delightful scent after cleaning or heavy bathroom use.
OdoBan Eucalyptus Spray.
3. In the kitchen. Stubborn, stale kitchen odors hanging around, even after cleaning? Spray one of OdoBan®’s delightful scents to instantly eliminate unwanted odors, leaving behind a pleasant smell.
OdoBan Fresh Linen Concentrate
4. In the laundry room. Love fresh, clean clothes? Add some OdoBan® concentrate to the rinse cycle to get clothes smelling extra clean and fresh.
OdoBan Lavender Continuous Spray
5. In the living room. Different smells can run rampant in high traffic areas, such as the living room. After cleaning up after the kids and pets, spray OdoBan® on the carpets and in the air for the perfect final touch of freshness.

The next time you clean, add the OdoBan® final touch of freshness. Remember, it’s not clean without OdoBan®!