5 Summer Vacation Tips

Summertime is here! For many people, that means fun, sun and vacationing with friends and family. Don’t let germs and illness derail a fun vacation! Here are some tips for a happy and healthy trip.

Disinfect hotel and rental surfaces with OdoBan® Ready-to-Use Spray.

Toilet seats, light switches, and more can host harmful germs that housekeeping can miss. Upon entering your new accommodations, wipe down surfaces with OdoBan® disinfectant.

Bonus tip: Remotes are typically covered in germs and bacteria, sometime even E. coli- meaning fecal matter. (Gross!) Place the remote control at your hotel or rental in a freezer bag and click buttons through the plastic to keep microscopic invaders at bay.

Washing hands.
Wash your hands regularly.

When traveling to new places, you’re likely touching a lot of things in high-traffic areas. Door knobs, elevator buttons, gas pump handles, money and more can be teeming with germs. Protect yourself and your vacation by washing your hands often. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends scrubbing for at least 20 seconds.

Sunglasses on towel at beach
Wash your beach towels often, adding OdoBan® Concentrate to the rinse cycle.

Towels can quickly become filthy and musty. To combat the germs and smell, allow beach towels to dry in the sun immediately after use. After the beach or pool, wash the towels, using OdoBan® Concentrate in the rinse cycle to eliminate any lingering odors.

Toilet flushing
Use OdoBan® Toilette to keep shared bathroom spaces smelling fresh.

Almost nothing is worse on vacation that sharing a stinky bathroom with kids (or stinky adults!). Convenient and portable, OdoBan® Toilette is a before-you-go spray that eliminates odors from even the stinkiest bottom bombs. Controlling bathroom odors will make a much more enjoyable stay for everyone.

Sleeping woman
Get enough sleep.

While getting caught up in the excitement of traveling and vacation, don’t forget to get some rest. Keep your trip happy and healthy by incorporating plenty of rest and relaxation before and while traveling. Getting enough sleep will help boost your immune system, which is essential for fighting off germs and illness. It’s perfectly fine to hit that snooze button on vacation!

Bonus tip: New places can have unfamiliar and anxiety-inducing odors. Bring along an OdoBan® Solid Odor Absorber to your hotel or rental to infuse a fresh scent into your vacation living space. We recommend the Vapor Moon scent to promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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